Mrs. Chonski's Pre K-K Class
St. Teresa of Avila School
Albany, New York

Our Pre-K class read many books about sharks, watched a variety of videos and researched some specific types of sharks on the internet. Students were divided into groups and paired with older students in Kindergarten to find out interesting facts about their specific type of shark. Students dictated what they had learned to the teacher who typed that into a class Powerpoint presentation. Students then created illustrations based on their research and what they had seen. The illustrations were cooperative drawings with the Pre-K and Kindergarten students working together. The powerpoint will be used to share what they learned with other primary grade classes. Due to schedule conflicts and the age of the children involved the scope of the project was kept rather simple.

Standards and Learning Outcomes Students demonstrated their learning through dictated narratives and drawings/illustrations.

Students used multiple sources to find information on their specific shark.

Students worked cooperatively in small groups to create drawings and work on their contribution to the class powerpoint presentation.




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