Mrs. Godsey's Second Grade Class
Maize Elementary School
Columbus, Ohio

Room 22 learned about sharks in a variety of ways. We read books, watched movies and did a WebQuest, all on sharks.  The students were put into learning pairs to work on one shark of their choice.  Once they had their shark chosen they answered questions on that shark and created a PowerPoint presentation.  Based on their researched we measured out the length of their sharks and found that sharks come in all shapes and sizes. 

After they were done with their PowerPoint they were to create an individual project of their choice to demonstrate what they learned about sharks.  The choice in the final project follows UDL, because of the choice given to students. The content on sharks was provided in a variety of ways in the fashion of UDL and to ensure all learning styles were addressed.

 Some of our students created books, some games, others drew pictures and still others created quizzes and word searches.

 Amari made a word search.


Kaijen made a wonderful display board. 


Alex created a matching game.



Here is an example of the wonderful learning pairs PowerPoint Presentation. We shared these with the other second grade classes and they really enjoyed them.

**note from Mrs. Silverman
I dove with schools of
scalloped hammerhead sharks and they were not aggressive.  There are different species of hammerhead sharks. The great hammerhead shark has been known to be aggressive.  Read what Dr. Hammerhead has to say.

 Learning outcomes:

 Ohio Writing Standards:

  • Generate questions for investigation and gather information from a variety of sources.
  • Use language for writing that is different from oral language, mimicking writing style of books when appropriate.

 Ohio Math Standards:

  • Measurement: Standard units of measure, inch, feet, yard, mile, ounces, pounds, cup, pint, quart, gallon, etc.
  • Patterns: Predictions based on data already collected.

 Ohio Science Standards:

  • Life Sciences: Animals, need, characteristics and changes.  LS indicators: 1, 4, 5 6 and 8.

 Ohio Reading Standards:

  • Reading applications informational, reading process and acquisition of vocabulary.

 Technology Standards:

  • Demonstrate operation of basic computer and multimedia technology tools.
  • Use productivity tools to produce creative works.
  • Participate in group projects and learning activities using technology communications.
  • Apply basic browser and navigation skills to find information from the Internet.




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