Carolynn Bruton
Grade 3
Springfield Convent
Wynberg, South Africa


Springfield Convent's Grade 3 Autumn Poetry in Association With Our Northern Hemisphere Friends' "Spring into Life"


How We Planned Our Poems

 First we went on an Autumn visit into our beautiful Springfield Senior School gardens where we found items in the leaf litter which reminded us of the changing seasons.  We brought back a bag per group full of interesting shapes - acorns, leaves, fruits, pinecones, stones, bark and other fascinating items - some alive and crawling! We did not pick anything off the trees and we returned anything alive afterwards. We noticed the migrations of birds and the frenzied activities of the squirrels - and the school cat!

 We made an arrangement of these items in order to understand how to "shape" our poems.

We visited the excellent on-line poetry site of Cheryl Markham's called Poetry Pals and found out about acrostic poems, colour poems and shape poems.

We then chose our favourite software.  The choices were KIDPIX, Print Shop de Luxe, Inspiration, Microsoft Word, MS Paint and Storybook Weaver.

We used Google images or Inspiration for our illustrations

Please click HERE to see more of our poems