Suggested Activities

  • Circulatory System Internet Workshop - Melissa McMullan, a New Literacies Research Team member, created this Internet Workshop.  It is designed to introduce you to the issue of disease and healthy living as you study the circulatory system.  We invite you to share your discoveries in class as well as on our discussion board
  • Human Body WebQuest Ruth Cipolla, created an excellent WebQuest which guides students to discover how the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems work together.  The task involves a journey throughout the human body.  Students will  illustrate and write about their human body travel adventures. If you take this journey, share it with us.
  • The Ride of Their Lives: The "Aortic Rupture" Roller Coaster In this action packed WebQuest, students will design an activity for the circulatory system section of an amusement park.  It would be our pleasure to showcase activity models. 
  • Hearts and Worms  Did  you know that although worms have no hearts they help medical researchers solve important heart mysteries?  Listen to Christina Petersen talk about her work.  See if you can answer the questions at the bottom of the page.  We are interested in your responses and will publish them on this web site.
  • Heart Transplant  On this Science Netlinks E-Sheet, there are some thought provoking questions and resources to guide your thinking.  Perhaps you would like to perform a heart transplant in the online operating theater.  Write a review of your experience.  We'll be happy to publish it for you.
  • Puffy Head  What role does gravity play in circulation? This hands-on activity will invite students to investigate this topic. The activity provides students with examples.
  • Circulatory System Brochure Contest  Work collaboratively to design an informational brochure detailing the circulatory system. The winning brochure will be photocopied for the entire class and a copy will be sent to the local Department of Health as a student-created resource guide! Teachers: please see the attached files to help you with the planning process! Students -- here is your chance to collaborate with the other classrooms working on the project! Visit our student blog to post interesting finds, helpful websites or information that you think would be useful to the other students!

Internet Resources

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