Integrative Component

Suggested Activities

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  • Participant Selected Resources -  A place for participants to list additional resources.  Visitors may e-mail us suggested links.

  •  The Body System Mission  - is a Web Quest with an exciting mission.  Imagine that you are part of an alien expedition to Earth. Your job is to save your species by selecting the best human body system to transport to your species, Homo Alientus. We'll be happy to showcase your work.

  • Interactive Body - If you like online games, you've come to the right place!  Organs, muscles, skeletons and more!

  • All Systems are Go! - Here's another entertaining and educational game.  Help poor Arnold find his missing body parts!

  • Medical Mysteries - Okay, are you an expert now on all three systems? Try out this game to learn more about infectious diseases that can affect these systems and how they can be prevented!

  • Travel Brochure for the Human Body -  Students will design a luxury tour through the human body.  Feel free to print this PDF file for your students.

  • Body Systems Project - Students will work in groups to share information with their classmates on the human body systems.  You are welcome to print this PDF document for classroom use.

  • The Respiratory and Circulatory Systems - Have students explore the breathing mechanism: how oxygen enters the body, passes into the blood, and is transported to body cells, where it combines with digested food to release energy. An exploration of the heart and blood vessels focuses on how oxygen and nutrients are transported to body cells and how wastes are carried away for eventual elimination. Students then use a siphon-pump model to explore the double-pump action of the heart, which leads to an investigation of heart rate and the factors that affect it.

  • All Systems Trivia Contest - Jill Castek, a New Literacies Team Member created this fun activity. Collect as many fascinating facts as you can! Use the resources below.

  • Career Interview - Here's another idea from Jill Castek.  Students will select to either interview a person whose career involves the chosen system of the human body, or students may perform a role playing activity. Help suggest careers for each system so that all interviews will not be from physicians or coaches.

  • Body Carnival - Have a Body Carnival! This resource has a host of hands-on activities for students to try. The Amazing Body Quiz is a great opportunity for students to work in a group and test their Internet Search skills to find important information about different parts of the body.

  • Filamentality - Well, now that you've learned about all three systems its time for you to be the teacher! Think of a topic -- Healthy Living, Ways to Prevent Diseases, How the Three Systems Work Together are a few ideas. Use Filamentality to create your own web page with activities!

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