Suggested Activities

  • Digestive System Internet Workshop  Melissa McMullan, a New Literacies Research Team member, created this Internet Workshop.  It is designed to introduce you to the issue of food safety as you study the digestive system.  We invite you to share your discoveries in class as well as on our discussion board.
  • Digestive System : A Kinesthetic Lesson - Digestive System, a Kinesthetic Lesson is a lesson designed for students in sixth through twelfth grades. Students physically move food through a simulated digestive system. A culmination can be a diagram which we can be posted on this web site.
  • Journey into the Digestive System - The task of this WebQuest is for the members of your group to transform yourselves into a slice of pizza!  Check out the web site to find out more!  Some of the links are outdated by the web resources on this page will help you on your journey. We're sure your global friends would find your group projects most interesting.
  • Digestive Activity - Students will explore how well their school lunch choices meet their bodies’ energy needs. They will design and redesign their school lunch choices until a measurement of the energy their school lunch choices add to their bodies’ energy stores is equivalent to the energy their bodies use up doing work. Completing this design project, students acquire knowledge of how their bodies' organs and organ systems interact to transform energy in food into energy used up doing work, how their bodies’ organs and organ systems interact to provide all cells' energy needs.
  • Digestive Activity - Students trace nutrients as they are processed by the digestive system, pass into the blood, and are transported to body cells.  Send us their charts to showcase.
  • Antacids - A great resource to support hands-on activities in the classroom that are designed to investigate how commercial antacids affect acid in the stomach.

Internet Resources

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