Suggested Activities

  • Join Our Online Discussion 
  • Respiratory System Internet Workshop  Melissa McMullan, a New Literacies Research Team member, created this Internet Workshop. It is designed to introduce you to a study on the respiratory system.  You can share your discoveries in class as well as on our discussion board.
  • Annette Lamb lists some interesting activities on the Be An Explorer section of her Respiratory System web page.  Perhaps you will choose to create an asthma poster or a venn diagram that compares your respiratory system with an animal. Maybe you would like to create a poster that teaches young children what a spirometer is.  There are excellent resources to go along with Annette's suggested activities.  We would love to showcase them for you!
  • Inside the Human Body: The Respiratory System  Drop in on this site to discover how your respiratory system works and how you can take care of it throughout your life. Once you are there, click on this link.  You will find interactive activities for different grade levels.   Write a review about your favorite interactivity. We would love to hear your opinion.

Internet Resources

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