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This is my thirty-fourth year as an educator and I'm enjoying my position as an Instructional Technology Integration Teacher in the Comsewogue School District.   My job involves helping teachers in the primary and secondary schools integrate technology into their curriculum areas.

I coordinate  Internet projects and help my colleagues become project participantsMy middle and high school collaborative project for  2003  and 2004 is The Joke's On... Students  create political cartoons based on what they are studying or on a current event.  Linda Brandon, Instructional Technology Staff Development Coordinator from Lakeland School District  in New York  worked with me on Wright On.  This is an Internet project for students in grades 1-3.  December 17, 1903 was the one hundredth anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight.  Students learned about the Wright Brothers through literature, research and experiments.  My winter project , Kidspired Frosty Readers 2004 with Pattie Knox was was popular that it had a long wait list!  Whale Tales, my spring project is for children in grades K-4.  I'm thrilled to be working with Linda Brandon and Pattie Knox on this cross-curricular project!  My late spring project,  A Series of Unfortunate Collaborations is underway right now.  Fifth and sixth grade students from Comsewogue School District will be working with my graduate students from NYIT and Rachel Karchmer's  undergraduate students from the University of Delaware on a literature project. 

In addition to my position at Comsewogue, I write educational technology articles, (some articles are even written about me!) present at technology conferences, conduct workshops and  maintain web sites. During this school year I was part of the Calendar Content Team for the ReadWriteThink Calendar.  This involved writing content for elementary, middle and high school instruction.

For the fifth year I was the keynote chairperson for NYSCATE.  I also served as the Grant and Awards committee chairperson for NYSCATE and I'm currently the vice president of SIGTel  in ISTE.

During the fall I taught  Language Arts and Technology as an online graduate course at NYIT.   I am currently teaching this course on campus for the spring semester.  Language Arts and Technology is for teachers enrolled in a Masters program in Elementary Education or Instructional Technology.

People ask me  what programs I use to build web sites.  I use Front Page as an html editor and my graphics are designed in Paint Shop Pro.  I used to enjoy surfing the net for the perfect graphic, but it is so much more fun to design my own.

My two children, Rachel and Gary  are now grown up and involved in their careers.  Rachel graduated Amherst College and is a talented writer.  She recently completed her Masters Degree in teaching English. Check out her Webquests.  Rachel recently got engaged to Gui  and their wedding is scheduled for October 2004.  Gary graduated the University of Delaware and is working on his Masters Degree in teaching Special Education and Middle School Education and Social Studies.  My husband, David, works for Reuters and is my technology mentor.   Years ago, before I knew how to turn on a computer David gave me chocolate and flowers, but now my favorite birthday and anniversary gift is a coupon booklet good for hours of technical support.  Believe me, I use every coupon!

In case you're wondering how I have the time to do all this work, here is my secret!  I bring in food, drop off my laundry, and have somebody clean the house.  I do try to fit in exercise, and still travel to exotic places during school vacations. 

I will be retiring from Comsewogue in June, 2004 and plan on working as a consultant in Instructional Technology.

  Last Update: April 13, 2004