Paulette Dukerich
Fourth Grade After School Girls Club
Bethune Academy
Houston, Texas
The Persian Cinderella


The Characters

Character Feeling Words

The Artwork

Cinderella Parade

The students meet one day a week after school.
 They are a group of fourth 
grade girls who are learning to use 
technology and their creativity.

The Plot

The Persian Cinderella by Shirley Climo tells the story of Settareh,
a beautiful but lonely maiden of long-ago in Persia. 
She was neglected by her aunts and cousins, 
and tormented by her stepsisters,
 Settareh is not allowed to go with them
 to the royal New Year's celebration. 
Only with the help of a mysterious blue cracked jug
 was she able to go. At the festival she met the prince.

Unlike the Cinderella that we are used to Settareh's troubles 
were only just beginning. He stepsisters tried to find out the 
magic of the blue jug and with magic of their own they tried to 
separate Settareh from her prince.

She did not have a slipper to leave behind but instead left an ankle bracelet in a fountain. The sisters stuck pins in her that changed her into a dove.

Read the story and find out what happens!