The Characters in the Story


Settareh is a beautiful but lonely girl. Her name memt "Start". She was born with a start on her check. She lived in Persia many, many many years ago. He mother died when she was born. At then time she lived women all stayed in one part of the palace. She lived in this part with her step mother, aunts, step sisters and cousins. She wore all of her stepsisters' cast off clothes and ate their leftovers.

by Tomika, age 10


The Sisters

Her sisters were Leila, the older sister and Nahid the second sister. They were not as pretty as Settareh. They made fun of her all the time. They would call her names and tell her the star on her face was mud and she should wash her face. They thought they were better than Settareh.

by Sarah, age 10


The Shop Keeper

Settareh was given a gold coin by her father to go to the brazier. At the brazier there was many things to see. There was food to eat, clothes to buy. There were many things she could buy.

She saw a bright blue glazed jug laying on the ground. It had a crack in it. She only had three coins left when she aksed how much it cost. The shopkeeper said that was exactly what it cost.

by Arthur , age 10


The Magic Bottle


This is the small magical jug that Settareh saw lying in the dust. It had a jagged crack down one side. It was glazed with a bright blue just like the sky.

Settareh paid her last three coins for it. When she took it home she found it was magical.

by Jennifer, age 10


Prince Mehrdad 

Prince Mehrdad lived in a beautiful palace. He had a beard on his face. He wore a tulip shaped turan on his head. He had a dream that he would marry a young maiden with a star.

He was very kind and was able to make friends with a turtledove that visited him everyday. The turtle dove turned out to be Settareh.


The Assignment

The students worked in teams to develop a character analysis of the characters in "The Persian Cinderella". They then scanned the photos in the book manipulated them in photoshop to put together this page.

Reading Objectives

  • The student will infer character feelings and emotions
  • The student will select, organize, or produce wisuals to complement literature


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