It's that time of year again, so Susan and Pattie magically changed from autumn leaves to snow ladies.  It's time to cuddle up by the fire, stay warm, and enjoy reading winter books again!  Frosty Readers 2005 has the same objectives and procedures as Frosty Readers 2002 with one slight twist.  We will be showing how educational software can be used to enrich a literature study and promote student learning.  Participants are invited to send us samples of student generated work that was created with educational software.  We are not promoting any software product and hope to see many examples.  Our Fall Into Autumn project participants used technology in very innovative ways.  We're sure that our Frosty Readers 2005 participants will do the same.

Recommended For Students:

Grades K-4 (ages 5-10)

Project Summary:

Participating classes will read books about winter. These books can be fact or fiction.  Students will use computers to create stories, art work, etc.  We will accept a maximum of 7 computer generated graphics per class for publication. Students may work individually, in small groups. The project url is:

With the exception of online activities, all work will be posted on this web site. We welcome participants to create an online interactivity based on their book. The activities can be created in Quia or with any other program of choice.

Project Timeline:  Materials need to be e-mailed to us by March 1, 2005 for publication.  Work will be posted by March 15, 2005 and remain online to be used as a resource.

Contact Information:  Please send the following information to Susan and Pattie.

  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • School name, town, phone number
  • Your class web site url (not rquired)
  • Class grade level
  • The book you will be using for this project

Project Coordinators:  Susan Silverman and Pattie Knox

Pattie Knox
Technology Support Specialist
North Canton School District
North Canton, Ohio

Susan Silverman
Instructional Technology Consultant
Retired Teacher: Comsewogue Schools
Port Jefferson Station, New York