This is our fourth Kidspired collaborative Internet project.  We've received great feedback, so we're following the same model as in Kidspired Tales, with some slight revisions.  The project is open to K-3 classes, ESL classes, bilingual classes and reading classes. 

Project Objectives



  • Create a learning activity with Kidspiration software that can be used by the global community.
  • Use technology to communicate and collaborate

Project Summary

Participants will select a book with a winter theme and read it as a  Read Aloud or Shared Reading.
After reading the story, students will create a written piece.   They can write a new ending, story sequel, letter to the author, etc.   This will be done as a Modeled/Shared Writing or Interactive Writing. Third grade students may decide to do an Independent Writing activity.  

The teacher will then create a follow-up activity in any content area using Kidspiration . The written piece and Kidspiration   file will be e-mailed to Susan or Pattie for publication. You might find the instructions from Kidspired 2003 helpful but please remember to use the e-mail for this project.

Curriculum Standards

This project covers many NETS Standards for Students and Teachers as well as individual state standards in English Language Arts.


We welcome participants and visitors to assess this project by signing our guest book.

Project Coordinators:
Pattie Knox and Susan Silverman (click on our names to learn more about us).


Please  send the following information to Susan and Pattie at

  • Your name, e-mail address, URL, school name, town, state, phone number, grade level and book title. 
    The project begins on January 1, 2004.  The deadline to send in materials is January 31, 2004.  This project will remain online to be used as a resource.