It actually won a Miss Rumphius Award.

Who: Dr. Karchmerís teacher education students from University of Delaware, Professor Silvermanís graduate Language Arts and Technology students from New York Institute of Technology,  and fifth and sixth grade students from the Comsewogue School District in the following classes:

        Mrs. Melissa McMullan- JFK Middle School

        Ms. Wendy Frazier- Norwood Elementary School

        Ms. Nancee Bernstein- Norwood Elementary School

        Ms. Wendy Kasdan- Norwood Elementary School

        Ms. Caren Katz- Terryville Elementary School

        Mr. Keven O'Donnell- Boyle Road Elementary School

        Ms. Eileen Baxter- Clinton Avenue Elementary School

What: Classes will read and discuss Lemony Snicketís, The Bad Beginning. Dr. Karchmerís students will create lists of activities representing different writing genres (e.g., poetry, letter writing, expository).  Professor Silverman's graduate students will create interactive supplemental activities that target specific skills. The elementary and middle school students will work in pairs or individually to complete at least one activity and their work will be shared on the project website. Teachers can expect to receive the list of activities on April 27, 2004.

When:  Materials are due by May 30, 2004. The work will be published by June 11, 2004.

Where: The learning experience can take place in the classroom, computer lab, media center, and even at home.

Why:  Lots of reasons:

        Because Lemony Snicketís The Bad Beginning is an exciting book.

        Because the project reinforces state and NETS standards.

        Because the elementary and middle classes will help prepare the teacher education students to be good literacy educators.


How: Comsewogue teachers will send work to Susan Silverman via e-mail.  If you need help, Susan will come to your classroom to help you attach files and scan pictures.  University of Delaware students will give their project web site urls to Dr. Karchmer in class.  NYIT students will post their activities on Blackboard.


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